We are so excited for our wedding day. The way we see it, this is just the first of many amazing days to come. Which got us thinking: Truthfully, we already have most of the stuff that we need – what we’re most dreaming of are the experiences we’d love to share during our marriage journey together!

Though our favorite gift of all is your presence, we've created this registry that is designed to let others make partial purchases to contribute towards those very adventures we're embarking on: Getting our first dog together (hopefully a Miniature Husky), Traveling throughout the US visiting places like New Orleans (to live the real and intense Jazz and blues experience), New York (It is a MUST GO), Boston (For it´s history) and US Virgin islands (Probably one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the country), try some extreme sports and learning new languages together.

If you feel so inclined to help make it happen, we would highly appreciate it and would be looking forwards to share the memories and pictures with you.

Thank you in advanced for the help and support in our personal projects as a married couple and for being a part of our special day which is our biggest gift!

Much Love,

Scott and Salome


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